The Pros & Cons of Dating a Calgary Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy dating is often viewed as an easy way to attain financial freedom and gather experiential knowledge while you are living an awkward situation or pursuing higher education in a large city like Calgary. However, while perks such as monetary allowances, expensive gifts and exotic vacations are music to the ears, sugar babies often overlook the challenges associated with dating a sugar daddy in Calgary.

dating a calgary sugar daddy

In this article, we throw light on a few pros and cons of dating a sugar daddy that would help you make an informed decision, if you are already considering jumping into a sugar relationship.

The Pros of Dating A Calgary Sugar Daddy

The Allowance

Undoubtedly the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about finding a sugar daddy relationship. A consistent source of income that does not require the commitment of a full-time job. The time you save could either be spent on acquiring new skills or focusing on academics to score better grades.

Gain Newer Perspectives

This is one of those intangible benefits of dating a Calgary sugar daddy that are overlooked by most sugar babies. Your sugar partner could definitely teach you a thing or two about being financially successful. Be inquisitive and question him about how you could invest and create newer sources of income.

Build A Strong Network

You might want to ask your sugar daddy if he is comfortable taking you to gala parties and other social gatherings. This way, you would be able to meet his influential friends and build a strong network of your own.

The Cons of Dating A Calgary Sugar Daddy

You Have To Keep Secrets

Sugar daddies who have a family would expect you to keep this sugar lifestyle a closely guarded secret. On the other hand, a few sugar babies are not comfortable disclosing this relationship to their friends for the fear of being judged or misunderstood. But in order to maintain the contract between you, you have to keep the secret.

No ‘Real’ Relationship

Whether you accept it or not, dating a sugar daddy is purely transactional and there is no scope of taking the relationship to the next level. There is no way he would take you home to meet his parents or introduce you to his close friends. So such relationship is just a commitment between you and your sugar daddy.

You Have Little Control of Your Time

Most sugar daddies have hectic schedules and would try to squeeze in a date whenever they have free time. Oftentimes, you would not be notified until the last moment and might be forced to cancel other plans to meet him.

Having discussed some pros and cons of dating a sugar daddy in Calgary, do you think seeking an arrangement would satisfy your needs and desires? If financial stability is something that you are pursuing, look no further than dating a sugar daddy in Calgary. On the other hand, if you value freedom and aren’t willing to keep his secrets, this might not be the best lifestyle for you.