What Kind of Sugar Baby Does A Calgary Sugar Daddy Prefer

The Canadian city of Calgary has emerged as one of the hotspots for sugar daddy dating in recent times. The city has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade thanks to the booming oil industry. Besides, this city is also believed to be the second home of many American millionaires and billionaires.

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If you are a calgary sugar baby on the hunt for a sugar daddy but not sure about the qualities they look for in a sugar baby, you have come to the right place. In this article, we talk about the most important qualities that rich and successful men look for in their partners.

Beauty and Brains

It goes without saying that rich and successful men would not like spending their leisure time with bimbos. As a matter of fact, most wealthy men are sapiosexuals and prefer indulging in conversations that are intellectually stimulating. While they would not seek business advice from you, it would be great if you could present a different perspective or highlight something that he might have overlooked. However, make sure you don’t come across as argumentative because that would not help your case.

Humility and Compassion

We all know that business and political leaders who are humble and compassionate earn the respect of everyone around them. If you possess these qualities, you definitely have a better chance of landing a millionaire sugar daddy. That’s not all, some sugar daddies also help their sugar babies bag their first jobs right after university, based on these leadership traits. On the other hand, if you lack these qualities, it is never too late to start working on them.


Genuineness does not mean that you have to reveal everything about your personal life. While seeking an arrangement, it is important for both sugar daddies and sugar babies to be genuinely invested and stay committed to what they have signed up for. So, keep your promises and communicate what you want from your companion.

Caring and Understanding

When we say caring, we don’t mean you have to take the place of his mother. You can genuinely care for a person as a friend too and this is what sugar daddies expect. It is worth noting that sugar daddies are often lonely and crave for a companion who understands needs. Given the transactional nature of a sugar baby - sugar daddy relationship, being a genuine and caring person can help sugar babies get higher allowances and better perks.

Sugar dating is not as difficult as you might think. Being a good human being never goes out of style and this is what sugar daddies look for while seeking an arrangement. If you are humble, compassionate, intelligent and genuinely caring, you are extremely likely to land a sugar daddy much faster on a sugar daddy dating site. In any case, you would not be able to fake these qualities for a long time, would you?